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Another new one - and a few questions

Having now posted in another thread I thought I'd better intorduce myself.

New car to be collected next week, would have it sooner but I have to go on holiday for the weekend so can't pick it up before I go... very tempting to cancel the holiday! My first nice car in Australia after getting over the shock of selling my RS6 in the UK and only being able to buy a 320Ci with the proceeds over here!

Couple of questions:-

- Chains - planning my first ski holiday in Aus and was planning to drive down to Thredbo. Couple of websites say it is compulsory to fit chain but BMW says you can't and when I asked the dealer about winter wheels or anything like that he told me not to worry as the traction control and LSD would mean that I wouldn't need them anyway.
- Brakes - planning on doing some track days in my car. Has anyone fitted the OEM "sport" pads - do dealers carry them
- iPod - having read some of the threads on here I specifically told the dealer I wanted the "right" iPod lead when I collected my car (the Y-lead with the separate sound as I have a lot of downloaded music). He was completely baffled by this. What are peoples experiences.
- Phone - I'll repeat my phone question - some posts on other thread suggested people got a phone too?