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Originally Posted by M3NTAL View Post
Wow. So what if he posted in the wrong part of the forum? You guys bitch too much. He's proud of his new ride, and he wanted to share it with us, so be happy for him and tell him it looks sick, because it's an awesome ride, instead of bitching and moaning because "it's not in the right place".

Being perfect must be really boring.

M3-Addict, AWESOME car man. The E46 M3 with ZCP-type wheels is a car I've always wanted to have(in Interlagos Blue), but have never really found in such great condition. You got a nice find there bud. Like Bama M3 said it looks like new, especially the interior. It's in better condition than my local dealer's 08 coupe demo. The SMG shifter is awesome, it looks so beefy and strong, I wish they would have kept that same sort of look in the new DCT.

Again bro, NICE find, and have fun modifying and motoring!
Thanks bro, the only seat that's been used is the drivers seat. You don't know what I had to go through finding such a car. I've been looking for a year and that's not exaggeration at all. With the limited production of the M3, it made it even harder. SMG is great, I use the stick leveler all the time and it feels awesome.

Also with the section, usually there is a picture section for everything. I don't know why it's placed under the E92 section.