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Originally Posted by mattwhite View Post
I've got a set and I'm not 100% happy with them. They have painted over the part # lettering on the front so it is visible through the paint.

I e-mailed them about this and their response was "we can't sand them because of plastic bleeding issues" and then in the next sentence they offered a "special set" for an additional $30 more, which, guess what, would be sanded.

My response to them is - why don't you post this info in your e-bay add and let the customer decide. Not doing so is deceptive. They also won't take them back without a 15% restocking fee.
I'm not talking on behalf of them but the plastic bleeding into the paint is a known issue, one that Longtran had as well. I think I posted a responce on possible ways to fix that in the group buy from longtran. The additional cost dosent surprise me because I paid them $55 to paint mine and gave them my stock ones from my car.

What color did you order? and is the lettering really that visible when they are on the car? take some photo's I would like to see it.

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