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Height 6'1
Current: 175 w/13% body fat
Goal 180 w/10% body fat
Started: Since last summer
Supplements: Whey Protein
Intake: Lots of Eggs, meats, wheat, etc.
Workout: Heavy lifting, (205+ benchpress currently, squats, deadlifts, dumbbells ), sprinting, and started playing Basketball once a week.

I once use to be 130 pound 6'0 back 4years ago or so (age 19)! Started working out last summer and was at 160pounds. As someone previously stated, your bodyfat percentage makes a huge difference on how you look! If you are going go abs, you need less than 8% bodyfat. If you are going for bulking, EAT!!!

When i was 130pounds (yes skinny shit i know), i did have a 6pack! Today, my stomach is flat (basically lost the 6pack as i started bulking) but you can still see the lines on my 6pack with no debt to it.

My advice is to everyone is to go on the bodybuilding forums! excellent threads there.