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Originally Posted by dooma350 View Post
I should be there. In a few weeks, right?

As for pics, sorry, I been enjoying the car too much these days and havent taken too many. Im supposed to drive the IS350 to/from work, but I cant seem to do it. I also seem to have a problem with turning off the MDM button, just can't do it (and probably why my gas mileage is so shitty)

Pics are def long overdue, as I now have 900+ miles and added tint, GPS thunders, cf roundels. In addition to that, I have on order smoked tails and painted reflectors. Hopefully this weekend, I just got to time it right and take pics within an hour after washing Otherwise, it starts collecting dust and looking like crap.
It's on May 3. It would be great to see you there.

My Volvo S60R is "Magic Blue" (dark) and shows dust/dirt within a few minutes after washing. So, I know what you mean. But my steel gray metallic BMW stays pretty clean

p.s., where did you get the tint done? I'm looking for a good shop in LA or OC.