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Originally Posted by SHADY1 View Post
Dude do you really think you are that pissed . There are some people out here that ordered their M3 way before you and are no where near your production date and have to wait months longer in some cases a year or more. You should be glad !!! why that you are not a BMW Military car sales person. We may get a discount but at a really big cost and that is time and to be treated like a second class citizen or a red headed step child we are not even considered a priority when it comes to production we can't even track our status 1-800# every body and their grandmother pass us up BMW gets to us when they get around to it or should I say when they feel like it . Look at yourself for example you even passed me up Put yourself in my shoes for a minute. I ordered my M3 on 21 May 2007 $3000.00 down. I did not get a production date until 8 Feb 2008, My production date was 14 April 2008 2 days prior to production date 11 April 2008 I get a e-mail from BMW Military cars sales Your new production date is 16 June 2008 now how would you feel if you got a e-mail like this with no explanation, there was no we are sorry to inform you of such and such delay. Now at this point 16 June is over a year. Now add production time 1 wk then add 1 1/2 wks to get on a truck and get sent to the BMW military car sales dealer so they can do the final paper work on it which will take about another 1 1/2 wks then finally have it sent to the port by truck. 1-2 wks sitting at the port waiting on a ship to ship it to the States which will be California you can add on 4 wks to that slow boat trip. Add all that time together.... Now who do you really think has a real big reason to be pissed . If I get pushed back again its going to be even longer because in the month of AUG. BMW in Germany go on their vacation You may be pissed but in my eyes you are blessed enjoy your M3 when ever you get it I will still be here waiting playing the BMW delay game.
Honestly been waiting since 09/26/06 but i canceled my ordered at assael bmw cuz the want to charge me 5 grand over.
so i have been waiting forever too. and it was all of a sudden change in april