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Originally Posted by KINGLEH View Post
i dont know why they have to make it a point to say Korea so much... like its a bad thing....

My LG phone works great..... and my Samsung TV... both of those were made in Korea... : )

and my ex girlfriend... was made in korea too! she was also.. great..
Hahahaha!!! I like your point of view and generally agree with you. I personally have nothing against Korea, my only issue (and this is only my opinion) is that some Korean manufacturers are a bit like Mexican manufacturers; that is, you can’t generally trust what they say and say they will deliver because they do many times cut corners (in materially, quality, etc…) unless they come from a reliable source (certainly LG, Samsug TV and for sure you x are serious companies or serious people with a strong rep that has taken them years to build ). So in essence, I by no means claim to say that we Mexicans and Koreans are all bad, because that would be really stupid of me, its just the above that is a bit worrisome especially when one will pay a huge bill!!