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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
I've been looking into this exhaust, and found some interesting stuff. There is no performance data for it -- no real HP figures. If you dig deep enough at the Ericsson web site -- by translating to English -- you'll find that the HP figures they have posted...they made up out of thin air (they even admit it).

So here's the $11500 question:
1. How many people would buy this exhaust without real performance data?
2. How many people would buy this exhaust without hearing it?

I'm guessing that 2) may be important to some, but not important to others. I'm also guessing that 1) is important to almost everybody who's considering buying an $11500 exhaust. But just in case it's not, here's question 3:

3. How many people would just buy it based on looks alone?

I would buy it without data. I had an amuse ti exhaust on my 97 supra turbo and it was ultra light and put out more power than the hks ti exhaust that I had on previously. I'm sure that this will be another great exhaust from amuse.