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AC Schnitzer exhaust over $3,000?!?!!?

WTF?!?! I emailed an ACS authorized dealer just to see how much remus exhaust would cost with the ACS tips (Thats what ACS exhaust is right?) and he told me over $3000, this isn't even including shipping. I then asked if I could just buy the tips since the Remus exhaust costs less than $1500 and he said no. He is also claiming that ACS adds there own little "twists" to the Remus exhaust to give it an original sounds. WTF, I don't feel like paying another $1500 for their "sound". Anyone know where I can get some ACS tips?!?!

Here is the email...


Thank you very much for your interest in AC Schnitzer products for your BMW M3.

Here is the information you requested,

* AC Schnitzer sport exhaust system, 1812 92335: $3,219.00 (ETA: 2-3 weeks)
* Airfreight fee of $100.00

If you would like a shipping quote, please provide a shipping method and a zip code.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you very much for your interest in AC Schnitzer.

Best regards,



Yes and No. The AC Schnitzer rear muffler is produced by Remus but AC Schnitzer designs their own style and gives it the specific exhaust note.

Unfortunately, the AC Schnitzer sport tips are not offered sold separately for the M3 vehicle.