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Originally Posted by Jinxter View Post
you would have absolutly no problem with teh euro bumper.
Its just law to have the car built to specs but once the vehicle is owned by a person that is all up to you. So no fix it tickets, no future inspections.

You do have options though.

Euro F bumper with only headlight washer
Euro F bumper with headlight washer and PDC
Euro F bumper without any options
Euro F bumper with only PDC

if I was in that position I would go for the fully loaded F bumper considering I already have the headlight washers it would be nice to add the front PDC. Although would cost more.

Now I wonder if the car is prewired for front PDC just like its prewired for rear fog lights

Thanks for the info. I did not get PDC for the rear and I also did not get the headlight washers. I guess I'll go with the bumper with no options.