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Originally Posted by Spacegray335i View Post

I am surprise no one mentions sex as part of the workout LOL
Supposed to be one of the best workouts there is.
Originally Posted by ///Mantis View Post
i lost about 8 lbs in less than a month (2.5 weeks) by drinking costco's version of slim-fast + snacking healthy every 3 hours...
I used to drink the chocolate Slim Fast's whenever my mom got them, because they tasted good.. They are too expensive though..

Luckily I'm back in a working out mood.. Usually It's off and on, and I don't do anything for a few months till I start to feel a little chubby. Usually just play Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, and then Basketball on Sundays. Usually 12pm-9pm, but it's not intended as a workout..

Current/Healthy/Goal:155??/Not sure/Just toning up. (5'11)
Start: 4/21/08
Supplements: None.
Intake: Whatever I want.. usually healthy stuff though. I've been gorging for the past two-three weeks or so for some reason, and wasting money by eating out a lot.. Yesterday I started eating smaller meals to where I wasn't "stuffed". I usually skip breakfast because I wake up right before school.. :/
Workout: Ultimate Frisbee twice a week, and Tennis every day just about. Free weights, push-ups, and crunches around bedtime if I'm bored (Usually every other day), then shower and sleep. Sometimes hit the bag up for a bit if I have nothing to do. Pull-ups once I get a bar installed in my room, I don't feel like jogging to the Elementary to use the bars they have. Might run and ride my bike a bit.

I'll update when I feel fit, or achieved the look I want.
I guess I'll be going for one of the two.. Prob the first because I don't have a bench press and don't like gyms.. (Guess I'll be working out more than when I'm bored)

I think this is the only pic I have with my shirt off.. Taken the mid of last summer I believe, hanging out with friends. (A pretty bad pic of us, but oh well.. We were supposed to act like models, hence the head tilt.) I look pretty much like this right now, maybe a little bit more hairy.

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