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Originally Posted by MikeM5 View Post
***Let me start off with a sort of disclaimer that Dan@ModCity has done a great job of trying to mediate this process, but nonetheless, I still have not received my wheel from I-Forged.***

So I had placed my wheel order with Dan@ModCity for a set of their 1-piece track edition wheels, the TE-10s, back in December/January. Although they took much longer than the projected six weeks, I was happy to receive them. However, when the wheels/tires were all being mounted and balanced by IND, who have always taken great care and pride in my previous cars (as well as every other's I've known), they discovered that one wheel was grossly out of round. Upon closer inspection, it did seem that the wheel arrived bent from UPS. I soon after spoke to Dan@ModCity about this, and was told to file a UPS claim.

The wheel was picked up from my house and shipped back to I-Forged. I had not heard anything from I-Forged for 4-5 days after I had shipped the wheel, so I figured I'd give them a call to make sure it had arrived. I spoke to Ace@I-Forged and he said he'd confirm that the wheel arrived. I asked him to give me a call/e-mail when he found out, but received no communication from him...even after calling several times and e-mailing him directly.

After that, I called their main number and spoke with Peter. He was able to confirm that the wheel had arrived. FINALLY some communication. I asked him to call me back when he had an update as to whether the wheel had gone into production yet (since it was a 1-pc they had to make a new one). He called me back, but only said that he was unsure if the wheel had been cut yet, but the whole process should take 2-3 weeks in total "maybe sooner". I said great and asked to just keep me informed. Unfortunately after that exchange, no further communication was received from Peter.

At this point I was getting extremely frustrated with the situation and spoke to Dan@ModCity. It had been over a week now without I-Forged talking to me and I was starting to consider looking for different options. I also posted my displeasure with their service in another I-Forged thread. Out of respect for Dan@ModCity, however, I deleted my post since he said it would be a shame if they took longer just on the account that they saw your post. He said he would talk to the right people and get to the bottom of this.

Dan was able to retrieve that by now, the wheel had gone through the cutting phase and was moving along. Updates came few and far between, despite the fact that Dan told me he was harassing them so I would have as many updates as possible about the status of the wheel. After 3 weeks passed, which was the initial completion window given to me by Peter, I was wondering where the wheel was. Dan extracted that the wheel was at the finisher and I could expect it "at the end of the week, early next week". I was excited for this and thinking that I could trust that expectation, I rented out some studio lighting and asked some of my photographers if they'd like to join in to shoot the car.

Unfortunately, the wheel did not come. After speaking with Dan after Monday, he said he had news - "good news...your wheel will be done at the end of the week, early next week". I followed by saying, that's the same thing I heard last week. Dan said "its the same status because thats what they are shooting for...once at the finisher thats the only update they can get"...which i was skeptical to believe. It seemed that I-Forged was feeding Dan ANY information just to give me something to hear...even if it was clearly B.S.

The latest update was that it was going to be done, again, either Friday or Monday (Monday being yesterday). I took the opportunity to discuss my displeasure of the situation with Dan for some time. I told him that I was utterly appalled by how HORRIBLE I-Forged customer service was STILL. I told him that it was ridiculous to think that a company who not only had consistent problems with customer service, but was "trying" to revamp their negative image, would be feeding me information that was clearly untrue. As a result, I had wasted time and money in the process. I even scheduled days off to get the wheel put on, which after finding out the wheel wasn't coming, I wasted. And in my field, it is extremely difficult to get a day off. Even further, I spoke to Dan about getting I-Forged to cover overnight shipping to get me my wheel as soon as possible...thinking they'd want to please their already pissed off customer. No. They wanted me to PAY FOR MY OWN SHIPPING. Now everyone knows that even if UPS bent the wheel, the shipper is responsible for shipping - not the customer. At that point I also told Dan I spoke to my credit card company to dispute the charges. He said that he (ModCity) was 100% affected by the dispute, not I-Forged. I then commented that if I-Forged was truly unaffected, then my $155 overnight shipping should be approved without hesitation...especially after spending nearly $3,000 on their product.

In any case, neither deadline, again, was met. Dan told me that a wheel can take up to 6 weeks at the finisher sometimes, so I should be patient. Well, a.) if they would have told me a more accurate completion window from the start, I wouldn't be as upset and b.) if one wheel has spent 2 weeks at the finisher while they were "rushing the wheel"...and it usually takes 6 weeks to complete a whole set (which would result in 8 weeks at the finisher alone), it begs the question how much they are really rushing. Again, another example of not going the extra mile to please a customer. After this, I told Dan I would be posting my displeasure with I-Forged on several forums. Apparently they told him that "threatening will not get the wheel done any faster". Well honestly, that wasn't why I wanted to share my experience...because from everything Dan and I tried, NOTHING would get the wheel done faster anyway. I-Forged seems to just move at their own pace without regard for customer service. I wanted to post my experience so people know what to expect when issues arise with an I-Forged product.

Anyway, it was then said that it was going to be done 100% by Monday or Tuesday (today).

I have finally received word that the wheel is done. But I-Forged has still given NO official word about whether they will cover the $155 overnight shipping charge...despite all my complaints and Dan's hard work. Many people feel that the wheels should have been offered at some sort of discount because of the fiasco this has become. I-Forged seems unwilling to do so either. A friend had experienced similar issues with I-Forged several years ago. They had agreed to discount his wheels 50% for the hassle it had caused him. Apparently even nowadays, doing that much is beyond the reach of their company.

In closing, I ordered these wheels because of Dan's amazing help in my decision-making and do not regret dealing with him. I would have never considered I-Forged considering their horrible reputation for service (and product at times), but I figured by now they had changed their tune. In a lot of ways, I regret ever looking this direction.
Iím very sorry you have had to go through this ordeal but I`m glad that it`ll help people understand what kind of company and product they are dealing with when they choose IForged. I have personally heard over a dozen horror stories about I-Forged and a lot more than that on E90post alone and yet people keep buying their products?

I wonder for how long people are going to continue to put their money and support this company that carries such a low quality product AND service. Is just a shame.