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Originally Posted by MDCTFTW View Post
1) Why is it so important to take days off for a photoshoot of your car? You couldn't have waited a day until you got it?

2) You should really be sending it back to Dan. Deal with your seller because your seller is the one that shipped you the wheel. You screwed yourself by going around Dan and caused a bit of a headache.
1.) I have a side business in professional design and photography. I needed to take time out of my day job schedule (which I work every day mostly) to shoot because I was asking some of my other photographers to come up (who are in Champaign, IL right now). I in fact waited multiple WEEKS to get the wheel, but took days off when I got a completion window from them so I could get the wheel put on...and the shop that does my work is quite busy, so I tried to book time in advance based upon their window.

2.) Don't know how trying to deal with I-Forged directly in the beginning was screwing myself, but thereafter, I did deal with Dan.
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