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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Should have kept this in the main thread. It's #10, Ashtray front, 51 16 7 132 380. That's ane expensive way to do it, though (will be over $40.). Actually, I bet the LEDs are part of the lighter socket piece, #13, Cigarette lighter socket, 61 34 6 977 676. However, disclaimer, I am not 100% certain of this. This could be the part number for the standard E90/92 that does not have the lights, though it is listed under the M3. Maybe your dealer parts dept. could clarify.

You sure you ruined the original ones? Radio shack should have some 12V amber LEDs, or Or just use you one working one--it's plenty of light (more than the original ashtray had, considering the way it was mounted).
No I am not sure but not sure how else to check it. I drilled two holes so one light on the left side just looks a little weird.