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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I really just laugh now at the ignorance of people that deny the good sales figures being generated by the new M3. I really LOVE it when their justification is based on their local dealership showroom floor which may have a dealer demo/dealer spec car sitting on their floor for more than a few weeks.

No one is denying any sales figures, have your eye's checked at your nearest optometrist I don't think anyone was talking about seeing an M3 on the showroom floor and making opinions in these posts

Ozstriker- There is no camparison between the M3 and the GTR, the only vehicle that can be compared with the GTR is a 911 Turbo that the GTR was benchmarked against. As others have said the M3 is luxury/Sports car that is well refined. The GTR looks refined and is a definate sports car(the 5th gear guys review is where im basing my opinions). The V-Spec however is more on the lines as a Porsche GT2 and GT3(track related vehicles) is what Wheels magazine have said.

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