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Originally Posted by G35Coupe View Post
What would be the ideal wheel width for 20s? 20x9 F and 20x10 R? I am pretty much set on the HRE 841r's so they will be custom made to the M3 in terms of offset and lip size. What do you guys think is the max lip in the front and rear?

I drive a G35 coupe now dropped on Tein Basics and I did the whole swapping tires in the winter, but I hated the look of the stock 18s with the drop so I had to purchase some spacers. I don't really want to put spacers on the M3 and don't really like the look of the M3 18s, so I think I'm going to stick with all-season tires.

Thanks for your help guys.
20x8.5 f and 20x10 is fine for 275 rear tire. The 841r is not a deep lip design so its depth will not vary much with wider wheels. 841r is a very clean wheel I think with no bolts etc... I like that. Nice! If you want a deep dish you probably should go with the 891r that is a deeper dish by design but altogether the same wheel as the 841r. The lip depth etc... will be determined for your vehilce and tire size by HRE.