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Originally Posted by G35Coupe View Post
Yeah, I was definitely thinking about that, but I want to sell my OEM 18s and put the proceeds towards new rims and not have to deal with swapping wheels every winter (live in an apartment).
i can see how that might be cumbersome to have to change...however, i lived in NY for 4 years and know that, while the winter sucks, it is only about 4 months of the year. so, for those other 8 months, i think that you will be bummed to have to settle for A/S tires when you can get a much better ride, feel, and performance from the PS2s or another good tire. In germany I lived in a small place and i stacked my winter's on top of each other in a closet...maybe you can make space. or maybe you are set on getting 20"s with A/S....its obviously your decision. in that case, i couldn't tell you if it would work out or not though. 20" is awful big though.