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Originally Posted by OC kid View Post

I am just commenting from my experience when I removed the suspension, the brake assembly felt much heavier than any I have handled before. (I had to double-up on it to keep it from falling to the floor.) I will have more info later because I will be weighing each component (stock and Brembo BBK) to compare the real numbers.
Here are some numbers from a catolog:

Front Disc assembly: 18.784 kg
Front Caliper assembly: 13.193 kg

(That's 70 lbs per wheel for the fronts!)

Rear Disc assembly: 19.102 kg (this is clearly a mistake as they used the same weight for the rear discs as the front discs. I suspect the correct number would be more like ~14lbs)
Rear Caliper assembly: 9.963 kg

As Swamp was saying you need more thermal mass to balance the lack of massive air flow, but the caliper assembly is probably fair game. It will be costly though. Let's see what Brembo comes up with.