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Originally Posted by Park2670 View Post
Great pictures REP1KRR, where did you get them?

Im excited to see your car too, AW sedan will be
Thanks Park. It came from Motortrend. I think they are the nicest shots of the saloon.

Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Thanks for posting those. You look different sporting the brain bucket. Seriously, When you getting the beast and how did you decide to spec it?
RUFF! How are you man?
May 15th or so maybe? Its on the MV Grus due into Oxnard around May 8th. Then on a truck for the dealer.

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Originally Posted by Park2670 View Post
I live in SLC, my Nav says 4500 feet at my house...

Ill see his car first, since I work at the dealership. Unless he is getting it at PG.
SLC, excellent. I spotted my first M3 on the road last night. Chased it, but no luck. E92 Space Gray. I know a SG hasn't come out of Pleasant Grove - it must have been your dealership. Any thoughts if it lives in Sandy?

Mine is actually headed to Idaho first. They originally offered me slot #1 when UT dealers were already 20 deep. So I took it out of state.

Originally Posted by Park2670 View Post
What does a Honda have to do with M3post? Or pictures that Motortrend has taken?
I had a Honda, it was my first car. I didnt like it. At all. I didnt brag that I drove one either.
I think he's referencing my avatar. Its a Honda CBR1000RR Repsol - my last bike. I've since moved on to something else.
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