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Originally Posted by Jinxter View Post
From what I understand Long is not a manufacturer and he does not get his "painted reflectors" from a manufacturer. He custom paints each set. These OEM BMW reflectors are not as avalible as you might expect. From my understanding it takes at least 1 weeks time to get a set from BMW. Again not talking for Long but just what I have heard from dealers. Keep in mind that a order as large as this group buy isnt just painted over night.

just my .02 cents..
I agree however updates or pm's from Long would be helpful. Delays or getting the wrong products from BMW are also part of the business. I can speak for myself and say I have no problem waiting for a quality product and think the other members can too. Most of us had to wait a long time for our M3 and some are still waiting. So waiting is not the problem. I just like to know often, what stage we are at. It's kind of like looking at the OC website or calling the 800# once week to get an update. I don't think that's an unreasonable request.