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Originally Posted by zieglerc View Post
Success. Sort of. The lid protrudes underneath the front a little more than it used to, which makes opening the spectacles tray pretty difficult once it's closed. Not quite sure what to do about this... I might take a dremel to it, it really just needs to be about 0.5mm shorter. I have my 1200mi service on monday, so I'll consult with them and see what they think.
There should be no difference if you've done it correctly. I found I had trouble opening the lid first time I installed it. On closer inspection, the tabs on one side of the llid cover were not engaged properly and it was sticking up a little on one side. That's the hardest part of the whole thing--getting that frigging cover back on properly.

Anyhow, I redid it and it works perfectly now. You might want to take another look at it tomorrow when you're fresh.

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