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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
Cool. From this thread, wheel weights are

18" 23.2/24.9, say 23/25
19" 23.6/26.1, say 24/26

So, all up weights with PS2 are:

18": 47/52
19": 48/51

Yep. Pretty close. So, let's say for all practical purposes there is no weight savings whether you get BMW 18s or 19s. After-market wheels/tires would have to beat this to realize a weight savings. Pretty hard to do without spending big bucks (i.e. high quality forged wheels).

I am confused. On that thread, GregW reported that he weighed his 19" wheels + tires at:

47/51.5 lbs

and used the tirerack tire specs to deduce:

23/26.5 lbs for the wheels

Is that what you are referencing?

The example I used in the OP, Morr mono-forged VS8 wheels, are supposed to be pretty solid (in quality and strength). And they are supposed to weigh ~ 20/23 lbs and cost ~$2500. Would save about 13 lbs total.

Also, does anyone have weight data on the driveshaft? (I am assuming there is very little weight or rotational inertia reduction to be had there with a quality CF shaft).