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Porsche really deserves kudos for their emphasis on out of the box track readiness. Standard seats are manual adjustment and comfortable with good support. I would pay to have a manual seat option in the M3 over the heavy and less reliable electric chairs. Porsche is now offering carbon fibre buckets from the GT2 on all their cars. Expensive option, yet saves in the neighborhood of 40lbs on the chairs alone.

Porsche brakes are legendary for their fade free attributes. No need to opt for the over the top expensive ceramic option unless you are a track junkie with gobs of money.

The M division simply cut corners on their brakes, likely as an effort to keep costs down. I would of gladly paid more for multi piston/fade free brakes. Is the M division the only performance company to stay the course with single piston stoppers? The 1 series getting fitted with multi piston brakes should tells us something.

It appears BMW has finally ran the numbers and surmised they can make lots of money by offering performance parts. In theory this is exciting but in reality it will be more expensive for us the customers than if they simply offered the options straight from the factory as Porsche does. It will give the stealerships another avenue to bilk the customer with high installation costs and provide more room for intallation error.