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Originally Posted by ArmyBimmerDude View Post
Yeah, its what I did when I lived in Hawaii. We call it the ABC program.

A - eat whatever the hell you want for 2 weeks. As much protein, fat, etc. Just get the calories in. Lift HEAVY.

B - Go lean, lower the calories significantly for 2 weeks. Salads, protein, low carbs, almost no fat. Lift for reps.

C - The end result is you should have gained between 3-5lbs of muscle. Its a cycle. You start over again, till you get where you want to be.

It works, but this was when I was 21 and my metabolism was like a boiler room.
i am like you...except i cant eat breakfast.
i should go out and get myself protein shake and at least drink that in the morning.
i really cant do much about food since i live on campus and i cant cook on campus. i guess i should just eat whatever til i bust out and pump irons?
i hit gym tues/wed/fri/sat. (if i have time, i go more often)

rep meaning like...number of consecutive lifts or ?
i read it from somewhere that start with the heaviest and lift 3 times, move on, repeat.

this is a great thread. nothing beats the car forum. it has all the information you need!