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How many more days and the M///Fest Crew with the much valued support of MyMBOnline, Wheelpower and its gracious vendors will be taking this to another level!!! In 3 days, history will be made again! Bringing the BMW and Mercedez Benz Communities together! Let me quote Laidback on this one, "It's going to be Insane!" Let me also quote MikeSSw203, "We don't mess around! We do it big!" I cannot say it any better!!!

For those still undecided to join this festivity, you are GOING TO MISS OUT. That is a guarantee! What's in store has attracted the attention of European Car, Eurotuner, and Autoworld!

Now let me present to you our vendors, our models, and our activities!!!

Where else can you find a much bigger and much more explosive combo like this!? Come and join us make this happen!!! So bring your best behavior and your totally detailed sick bimmers and mercs! WOOHOO!!!!!!