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Originally Posted by ideliver View Post

I feel your wife eats like total shit...2 -3 glasses of wine...fastfood...chips...never eats breakfast...just horrible...but is totally hot (and the mother of 3 boys)...

Me...i stay at 185 (ht 5-11) BMI of about 27...I have to bust my ass in the gym for 2 hrs 4-5 days/ 1200 to 1400 get to a normal BMI of 22 or 24...but if I have any all goes to shit...
yeah dawg... my BMW is 27.5. just 3 months ago it used to be 31.2!!! but ive been working extremely hard at it. man, i dont mean to be fucked up... but i would love to see a pic of your wife.... and then laugh. because in 5+ years, shes gonna take a turn for the worst.

with teh description you just gave me about her habits... thats the perfect formula. you better tell her to stop that shit and have a proper diet and whatnot because her super amazing metabolism wont last forever... infact, there will be no signs or symptoms. one day she will just wake up and it will be shot. 3 months later.... you would think to yourself: holy hell! is that what she has become? fucking kiemyster, that arrogant prick! blast him! he was right!

yeah dude. maybe i over stressed it, but u know where im coming from, right?

edit: ohh yeah, and now i bust my balls in the gym for 3+ hours a day, 6 days a week. i try to burn off at least 1500 calories, and consume no more than 1300 calories. its fuckign hard work, isnt it?
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