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Worthless post but: Save me from the IS-F!

I was "in the neighborhood" tonight so couldn't help it... dropped in the Lexus dealer to see what was up.

Sat in an IS-F..... whoa, verryyy nice (getting out of my Evo 8, I'm not too hard to impress)

It got me thinking -- the IS-F could be a one-stop shop for me. I'm deposit down and waiting for an E90 M3 DKG Sedan, and my '05 Evo has 75K miles and I'm starting to think about replacing it. With the IS-F, I could get what I'm looking for in the M3 (solid V8 cruiser with that dialed-in feel) and also replace my Evo 8 (completely reliable, hop-in-and-drive Japanese performance car I can beat on daily)

I'm either going to get the M3 + a new Evo X in the next year or..... jeez, I could just buy the IS-F and call it good!

I'm drinking beer and wasting everyone's time so what do you guys think?
Damn, I could go pick up the IS-F TOMORROW... because, it's here and waiting! The DKG Sedan M3 is still at least 3 months away, and costs about $9K more! Plus with the M3, I'd have to eventually pick up a new daily driver, cuz I don't think I'd want to do my 100 mile commute in the M3. OTOH, a Lesux is made for high mileage and beating. So it could be a daily driver that is also a V8 cruiser with an edge.


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