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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
lol. yes cause we can do that whenever we want. your right on body fat percentage but i think what we're doing is just generalzing where we want to be at in terms of weight. i think its fair to say that anybody who wishes to be a certain weight wants to retain muscle mass while decreasing in weight in terms of fat... which would then mean a decrease in fat percentage...

that may not be a clear goal to you as its not a specific "i want to have a body fat percentage of 10%" but for the general population its fine.
I don't get your point. What do you mean "we can do that whenever you want". You say that like scales that have body fat monitors built in aren't everywhere for extremely cheap. Just get one of those and base your goals on your body fat rather than your weight. I'm very against measuring ourselves by weight because it's incredibly inaccurate from person to person. Since everyone can buy a body fat scale at walmart, there's no reason to not monitor that rather than weight. If I were ever going to be a personal trainer for someone I wouldn't even let them look at their weight.
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