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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
Current/Healthy/Goal: 190/170/160-170
Start: 4/21/08
Supplements: Xyience Xelerate, Lipodrene W/ Ephedra, Fish Oil, Calcium/ Vitadmin D, protein powder, fiber pill
Intake: lots of water, 2 bannana a day, yogurt, protein (chicken/beef), and a lil salad
Workout: stairs, bike, running, suicides with a light mix of weights and hit up raquetball again once i get cardio back up a bit haha. hit up sauna and steam room for a bit too. finish off with ice bath don't forget the much needed 8+ hours of sleep.
Current/Healthy/Goal: 205/160/170(go to 160, gain 10lbs of muscle)
Start: 4/1/08
Supplements: Centrum Sport, Casteroil, omega-3-fatty acids (more fish oil), flax pills
Intake: 2L of water, tuna sandwiches (whole wheat bread), turkey pastrami sandwiches, casava and saltfish, fried patatoes twice a week, sushi. Eating 3 times a day, 1st @ 8, 2nd @ 2, 3rd @ 5. No eating after 6pm.
Workout: start with 1hour of elliptical @ lvl 80 intensity (burn 900 calories in 1 hour). stretch. leg extension @ 130lbs, leg curls @ 150lbs, assisted pull ups @ counter weight 80. rest for 20 minutes, consume grapefruit juice in between (really good for natural energy). 20 minutes of elliptical @ lvl 95 intensity (goal: burn 350 calories). various arm exercises.

i have a table on excell that i use to track my weight. right now im 181/182

good luck to everyone! i hope i reach where i want in 2 months lol
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