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Originally Posted by AJerman View Post
This is the issue. You guys need to stop looking at weight and look at body fat. Unless of course you don't want any muscle, which seems silly.

Working out will build muscle, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will use to maintain that muscle. So while you may gain muscle weight, you'll lose even more body fat.

Do yourselves a favor and go get a scale that will measure body fat and stop watching your weight. Start watching your body fat and try that again.

Use me for an example. Now, I am definitely overweight right now, I've gotten lazy recently and packed quite a bit on. I'm 5' 11" or so, and weigh 230. Now, while I call myself fat, it's because I have the beer belly, but I'm really not that bad. You definitely wouldn't say I was fat if you saw me. I could probably drop to 180-190 or so and be perfectly healthy, because I have a lot of muscle. If I just went by weight, people would say that at 5'11" I should be like what, 150? 160? That wouldn't be possible for me without either being 0% body fat or losing muscle, it's just not a realistic or smart goal, nor is it desired.

Anyway, I'm gonna start kicking my own ass too. I have a problem of having a very unhealthy lifestyle, eating out at lunch every day, not eating breakfast, not exercising enough, etc.

exactly. "it's not about pounds, it's about inches"