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Originally Posted by Last E92 M3 View Post
i mean i eat a lot except fats
eat + exercies => build muscles => gain weights no?
guide me into right direction...

i mean i eat whatever meat and salad...i pretty much eat everything...
In order to build muscle you need to have a caloric intake surpless.. you WILL gain a small percentage of body fat.. it just happens, but you'll also fill out and pack on the muscle. This is what I'm currently doing.

IF you looking to put on muscle, there's tons of ways to do so.. I currently work out 6 days a week and on Sunday or whatever OFF day I may have I do a session of HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio just to keep the vascular system flowing.. once I start cutting (june) that's when I'll bump the cardio up to 3 times a week, lift 5 and take in 500 calories less then maintenance.

IF You want to safely loose body fat without sacrificing muscle (as much) you'll want to find your calorie maintenance intake (take your weight, times it by 15 ### X 15 = ###.. that's the amount of calories your body burns throughout the day doing nothing. You would then subtract 500 from that number and that would be a good deficit to loose a good 2-3 pounds a week with some simple cardio each day.

Also, if you're putting on weight/mass/muscle. you dont want to fully stay away from "fat".. I still take in a bit (avacados, almonds, fatty fish, etc..).. it's needed.

Basically my diet goes like this:

8am (oatmeal, protein shake, eggs)

10am (protein shake)

11am (workout)

12:30pm (cyto gainer shake, a good mix of complex carbs and protein)

2:30pm tuna/chicken/any other fish, greens, almonds, etc.

4:30pm (protein shake)

6:30pm chicken/steak/lean beef, etc. greens, etc..

8:30pm (protein shake)

repeat repeat repeat..