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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I am keen on reducing the weight on my car, and am interested in establishing some cost/benefit benchmarks in that regard. The metrics are clear: lbs saved for benefit, and cost of part for cost, which results in cost/lb. Let's get this started. We can add numbers for different aftermarket components as they become available.

What else?
Great topic, I tried making a similar thread, but this is much better. I will definitely be adding to this, and you can expect a whole lot more info by the end of next week.

My initial thoughts are these:

As you pointed out, a significant amount can be saved here very easily. This is must.

Based on GregW's calc's, we know that the stocks are pretty light as is. One-piece forged will be the only way to go here, I think.

Front Seats
Stock:super heavy with all of the motors...Big savings to be made here, I think as much as ~100lbs. but as T-bone mentioned can you live w/o your leather & lumbar support?

Boot lid
With the double-sided CF, it's significant. I expect ~10-15 lbs. I will post real results on this after install next week.

The stock hood is already very light, not much to gain here.

This is a big one that you missed. The stock brake assembly is very heavy. The benefits are multiplied in that it reduces the unsprung weight as well. I will be posting the results after install of the Brembo kit w/ differences in weight. Brembo just took measurements last week and I should have them in before Bimmerfest. TBD.
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