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Originally Posted by G-Known View Post
It really flatters me to know that I have so much control over your emotions. ...and that goes out to anybody else that has or wants to take a shot at me. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!

FYI....I'm at 2200 miles and my engine is running stronger than ever! Ur such a loser for wishing ill will on someone's engine. I may have said someone immature things, which by the way I have already apologized for, but wish ill will..I will never do.

COWMOO32 needs to stick to cow tipping and banging relatives.

Damn, I must have hit a nerve there. You're one to talk about emotions. I hope it makes you feel better talking down to people because of the car they drive; it really will get you places in life. You're not your car, it isn't what defines you. I've seen enough of your personality on here to know what type of person you are. I won't even humor you any more, it's not worth my time.