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EastBay BMW - Questions and Help

Anyone get their car from East Bay BMW. Im curious to see what your experience was like and what you were able to get out of your CA for your purchase. I am taking delivery in a few weeks and I just want to make sure mine does not screw me out of something - He seems like the type.
Also I have posted these questions in the Main Forum, but if you can answer based on your East Bay Experience, that would be great:
I have a few questions that I want to address to my CA prior to taking delivery of my vehicle.
From reading these posts, I want to make sure my list is complete - as I am sending him an email later today.
1) - The iPOD/USB Cable - Some said they were not receiving
2) The DVD being the 2008.1 release
3) The floor mats, and having the //M ones.
4) DO NOT install front license frame
5) Financing. I am trying to get them to match penfed or my banks interest, which is the same 4.25.

Anything else that I am missing. Thanks to everyone for the help.