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Let me know what you think after you test drive it.

For me I was surprised and impressed with the handling of the FIT. I couldn't believe the amount of people lining up to try one and the waiting list to purchase one. It seems that everyone wants one in storm silver metallic and so if you don't need one in this color the wait could be shorter. Overall it's a great little vehicle that's functional and practical.
The only thing about the FIT is that the model has been around since about 2001 or 2002 ( in Japan) and I'm sure it's due for a new remodelling. The salesman couldn't tell me if this would effect the FIT that is sold for the NA market, keeping in mind they did make some small modifications to comply with NA safety and crash standards.

One thing that bothers me about Honda is that A/C is still not available on the DX trims for either the Fit or Civic. What's with that?!?!? A/C should be standard right across the board.