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Originally Posted by AK-Boost View Post
Lot of penis showing going on in this thread.

To answer G's question is based all internally by the car's computer. It'll tell you when to go in, so you should probably do it as the maintenance is free anyway :P.

As for's all about taking it easy and letting everything set right. I'd ask the dealer to give you fully synthetic if they haven't already.

When I got my cars and even my motorcycle they have a break-in period IN THE MANUAL. 1000(gsx-r) miles to 2500(wrx) miles. I imagine with a high revving V8 and an engine that's kind of new, you'd want to follow the guidelines and put your ego aside when running against a vette, porsche, equally competitive ride.
Good to know! Thanks for the info! I had the same situation as G-Known at 710 miles and I took mine in like my baby requested.