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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Q: Will BMW offer performance parts for the M3?
LK: This is under discussion. I brought it up in the presence of an M-division engineer, and he immediately asked what was it that I thought could be improved exactly.

Q: (from the general audience) Why is there no dipstick in the M3?
LK: Only 2-3% of the owners actually ever use the dipstick. They don't even think about engine oil unless the car gives an electronic warning anyway.
Performance parts: how about a rear diffuser to hide the muffler?

Dipstick: WTF? Only 2 - 3% check their oil? Where do they get those numbers? Does that mean that only 2 - 3% of M3 are true enthusiasts? Maybe there should be an HP drivers license. If you don't check your oil regularly you lose your license and ability to drive the M3!

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