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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Even limiting use by sheer language kinda sounds dubious to me though, lucid. I think it would have to be limited by the computer or it would not hold up in vert well from a legally binding perspective. What if two people share a car for example? So then they have to like keep a logbook of how and when they use LC? That just seems crazy. And there are other scenarios (however contrived) that this would seem to not work out also.
Well, this kind of ties into the first question I asked him about track days. There is a common sense component, which is somewhat gray and could be argued either way. Hard to tell where the line is between high performance and abuse--pushing the car beyond its designed performance envelope--in general. For instance, speaking about the engine, as drivers, the only info we have are the redline and the oil temp. Does that mean it is okay to run this engine right under redline for 4 hours non-stop as long as the oil temp is okay? Maybe, maybe not. I do know that repeated launches will be hard on the transmission. I am pretty sure the GTR Edmunds unofficially tested in Japan ran into heat transfer issues when they used launched control frequently. Same applies to dumping the clutch over and over again with a 6MT.