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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Q: Will I lose my warranty if I track my M3?
LK: You will if you compete with it. If you get on the track during your local BMW CC event and drive around, you will be fine.
I doubt they are like Mitsubishi to actually hunt down drivers who participated at events.

Q: Would lowering the M3 cause problems with EDC? What should one pay attention to?
LK: Lowering the car would alter the suspension geometry, and take away from performance. It would also cause uneven tire wear.
Typical business answer.

Q: (from the general audience) Why is there no dipstick in the M3?
LK: Only 2-3% of the owners actually every use the dipstick. They don't even think about engine oil unless the car gives an electronic warning anyway.
I think % of owners who buy M3 and check their oil (if they could) is a lot higher.

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