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Originally Posted by m3larson View Post
What I was saying is that the oil gauge was all the way to top when I took delivery. The M did drink some oil but after picking it up from service the oil gauge read half way up... There is a line there at the half way point. I'm wondering A) did the dealer not fill the oil all the way up or B) the factory overfilled the car?
That doesn't mean the oil is at "half way". That is the operational range, and according to your description, it is reading dead center of the "operational range", so what is the problem? I would NOT add any more oil to the engine. It might have been delivered at the high end of the operational range since they figure the engine will consume more than the normal amount of oil during break-in (more friction), but that does NOT mean the factory overfilled your car. It was not overfilled if the reading was within the operational range when you took delivery, and according to your description, it was in that range. So, you have no issues.