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Originally Posted by bavarian19
For the math inclined, multiply the amount of money you would earn by 0.355 and youll figure out what you would take home from the lottery...
That doesn't bolster any argument against the lottery because even if it's just 35%, that's still $2,450,000 from just the CA Super Lotto out of a $1 purchase.

How long does it take to make $2,450,000? Well, the average taxpayer who makes 6 figures pays roughly between 30-40% of earnings on taxes so let's just give the guy a break at just a lowly 30%: with a salary of 150k/year (a lot for the typical American), after taxes, he'll bring home just $105,000 a year. That's 23.3 years of working.

Math inclined or not, it's a no-brainer that winning the lotto is still blingin'.
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