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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
what size would give a 26.3 diam? exact specs of tire...for say, a 19x10
For a 19x10 setup trying to retain 26.3" OD? Hmm, probably the closes thing would be either 275/35 (26.6") or 295/30 (26.0" - 26.1") just depending on how wide of a tire as well as how low (if you want to lower it) you wanna go. For more detailed info & explanation, here's a good read:

Originally Posted by Jinxter View Post
I've been a H&R fan for all my M3's had them on the e36 and e46. never had any problems with them and loved how they felt. H&R have had a good history with M3's. Plus I am not that race intense for a bigger upgrade. all in all I think I go to the track like max 3 times a year. gonna try for more this year.
Oh no, don't get me wrong. I think H&R is one of the better manufacturers out there for springs. It's just that I need more adjustibility on the track since I'm trying to go 6-8 times annually if not more. Now, if I never or rarely go on the track then I'd just get springs too. In fact, I have springs-only on my other car (Eibach pro-kit on an 08' Lexus IS350) w/no issues whatsoever & the ride's barely harsher.
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