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Originally Posted by Nucking Futs! View Post
I'm trying to retain the oem overall (rear) tire diameter of 26.3" so the speedo is accurate. With that in mind, the 285/35 would have an OD of 26.9" & the 295/30 will have an OD of 26.0". Both of which IMO are no bueno but that's just me. On my old e46 M3, I had the same size rear wheels (19x10.5) & tires (275-series width). It looked a tad (but not by much) stretched but it didn't look weird/ghetto at all thus I'm sticking to that this time as well.

Sounds good. Please post some pics of those dummy tires mounted if possible since that's the exact rear tire size I'll probably go with. I was thinking about going w/H&R springs too but I want more adjustibility when I get on the track so I'm leaning towards the KW v3's. The only problem is that they're boo-coo $$$.
I've been a H&R fan for all my M3's had them on the e36 and e46. never had any problems with them and loved how they felt. H&R have had a good history with M3's. Plus I am not that race intense for a bigger upgrade. all in all I think I go to the track like max 3 times a year. gonna try for more this year.

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