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Originally Posted by BMW-M-Mexico View Post
If its a 10.5" wheel you should go 285/35 at least and as much as 295/30. Both will fit just fine, no rubbing etc... at all and will give you a tad more grip.
I'm trying to retain the oem overall (rear) tire diameter of 26.3" so the speedo is accurate. With that in mind, the 285/35 would have an OD of 26.9" & the 295/30 will have an OD of 26.0". Both of which IMO are no bueno but that's just me. On my old e46 M3, I had the same size rear wheels (19x10.5) & tires (275-series width). It looked a tad (but not by much) stretched but it didn't look weird/ghetto at all thus I'm sticking to that this time as well.

Originally Posted by Jinxter View Post
well that is a good question as well. I'm not sure yet. I have a set of dummy tires right now that Iw ill throw on the HRE's that are 275/35. Thing is depending on how the car looks I might be lowering it with some H&R springs.

I also want to see what kind of clearence I will have before putting in the order but most likly I will go with 285/35 if I can fit them with H&R springs. But I dont think I will have any problems with that.
Sounds good. Please post some pics of those dummy tires mounted if possible since that's the exact rear tire size I'll probably go with. I was thinking about going w/H&R springs too but I want more adjustibility when I get on the track so I'm leaning towards the KW v3's. The only problem is that they're boo-coo $$$.
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