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Originally Posted by Jinxter View Post
well let me explain what I got and what I ordered.

My friend had 2 8.5x19 from his previous car. He ended up just giving me them over 2 years ago and they have been sitting around. I use to have the e46 M3 so I was going to order 2 for the rear but I never got around to it. Basically I jstu got off my ass and finally ordered.

I went with 10x19 for the rear.

I will most likley be going with 245 for the front and 275 for the rear maybe 285. Havent really decided.

But the 2 that I have on order and in my garage are both powder coated black centers.

I cant wait to see how it looks on the car though.
Way to go! Does sound like the right thing to do. May want to go a bit wider in the rear, at least 285 I think, but nice, post pics as soon as you have everything put together.