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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by e46e92love View Post
True enough, but I still don't like the idea of someone taking apart the M// engine and replacing parts. Yes, we get more power, but I bet it will become a 8mpg car and wind up blowing up or having issues. Its no longer an M// engine, its just a derivative of an M// engine. The smoothness and efficiency may go out the window with this mod as well. Just don't think I am crazy about this.........or maybe I am giving the guys at M// too much credit and Dinan not enough.....
I think your point is fair, however, I've moded so many car engines with "reputable" tuners and have never had any issues at all. First time I did it, I felt the same way, it was an AMG engine. I was all worried about warrenties etc... but no issues at all and I do push my cars very, very hard.