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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by ojwerks View Post
problem is, twin-screw blowers tend to loose their efficiency at such high rpms... but they have tons of torque down low!!!

a good twinscrew system with an integrated intercooler boosting 8lbs of boost through most of the rpm would be awesome for this car.... kind of like the supercharged KLEEMANN Benzos...
Twin screw is the best type S/C, am very familiar with Kleemann and have done a lot of work with them. That Kleemann SC with only 0.5 Bar is a beast on the stock 363 hp C55 AMG engine, the dyno with full Kleemann mods (i.e, twin screw SC, cams, ECU, headers/downpipes and exhaust) would yield 530 hp and similar lbs/ft torque that started from 2,000 RPM. A wild ride!!!! Plus no noise (like OE SC AMG's).