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We´re all speaking ahead of time I think!! None of us really know how much the stroker engine will cost, it is all speculation whether or not its going to cost $25K or whatever. We will have to see the final price, but, we know that:

1. Much of the R&D (as the stroker needs only to develop a crank and ECU really) has already been amortized over the M5/6 stroker engine.

2. All parts are identical to these developed for the V10 stroker with the exception of the crank.

3. There are two cylinders less.

4. They have to price within M3 market in order to maximize profits where the price elasticity IMO is very different.

Hence, probably not going to be anywhere close to $30K or $35K that it takes to get the stroker for the V10. Again, all speculation, but lets hope!!!

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