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Originally Posted by gadget View Post
I'm not trying to be an @ss but if someone is looking to buy a used M3 for 20k, I doubt they are in the market or can afford the CSL. Lets assume it comes to the states (which may or may not happen) the car will be quite a bit more than the normal e92 M3 maybe 90k or more-

Considering the cars listed are the same cost a a loaded new civic, i would say they are a great deal and worth getting. Good luck
Yeah ive been looking on the forums for quite some time. I mean I just graduated college May '06. Currently looking to purchase my first home. After looking at those expenses, I can only imagine what kind of job you guys have to afford a brand new E92. I was thinking wait save and purchase a used E92 a few years down the road, but even then ill be looking at 50k roughly. Makes me feel like i should stop dreaming and get an E46.

I would say I have a nice paying career right out of college. But some of you must have some crazy careers...