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Originally Posted by SHADY1 View Post
Hey your pretty Funny T Bone I still got for you guy I'm not going to hate on you. I'm not going to put all that hamann stuff on the car, front splitter, roof spoiler, and rear spoiler for sure. They can keep the rest including those rims. I just put the other stuff so people can see. As for DUB rims I think you been watching to many rap video's or something I looked at dub rims and I am afraid I'm not feeling that brand I did that to spark a fire I just wanted a T-bone Steak well done . I'm still going to do 20inch. rims sorry but plan Jane is just not me. So you can call it Bavarian Rice, Minute rice, Uncle Ben, I don't care even Rice A Roni. because in the end when you pop the hood it will still be a M3 w/rice
Ejoy your M3 T-bone when or if you get one Mods or not, in my eyes it will still be because a M3 is a M3 no matter How you dress or rice it up.

Glad you are standing up and doing what you want!

I might come after you again if you got an Audi.
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